Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

There are so many things to be thankful for how does anyone have time to complain? 

God, family, friends, health, wealth, color, light, photography . . . children . . . grandchildren . . . great-grandchildren, nature, sunsets, smile from my one and only, tickets to Hawaii, stars, ocean waves, wedding plans, moon, Christmas cookies, warm slippers, cozy fireplaces, smell of burning leaves, chilly air on a deer stand waiting for day break, technology, computers, my mom's number on caller-id, nieces "rules" about fairness, newborn babies arched backs, hair color, heated steering wheels, whining Cocker Spaniels, 4 year old stories, facebook videos of grandchildren . . . foggy mornings, dew covered grass, orange, and blue and green and red. . . . Elementary, rubber boots, coconut, chocolate, diamonds, roses, cameras, websites, followers, Christmas carols, spinach, marinara, Christmas cards, sight . . . birthdays, movies, ice cream . . . chapstick . . .  breathing in and breathing out . . . LIFE!  

Be thankful!  


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