Tuesday, November 26, 2013

bww - Thanksgiving Week

I love, love, love taking fall leaf fight pictures!  This one was from 2 years ago!  It was very cold . . . kind of like this past weekend.  Most of my photo sessions cancelled because of the yucky weather.  But doesn't this look like fun?

We are in the middle of our Annual Cookie Baking Party and then we are on our way to Santa's sister's house for Thanksgiving and our Shop-O-Rama trip.  More about that next week . . .  but for now, just relax and be thankful.

Here is your black and white shot for this week.  This was from the week before it was so cold and rainy, but isn't this such a cute shot?



  1. It's quite chilly here in Knoxville and this morning, we're getting snow. DH had to sweep away 2" off the windshield before leaving for work. It will be all melted away later, but for now, I'm enjoying the beautiful sight. Great photo of your kids, but you really cut their heads off. Kinda of looks like my picture-taking work when I was a kid (I was horrible). Nah, you know I'm teasing, right? No, not about me being a bad photographer as a kid. I was terrible, but your photo is really nice. I like the focus on the kids feet and the B&W effect makes it more charming. Have a happy & safe Thanksgiving and thanks for hosting the WW fun!

    1. Thanks Cathy, but they are not my kids. This was a family I had a session with earlier this month.


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