Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The TOP 3 Things on Reese's List

A handful of you who already read this blog know that Reese's has a boyfriend.  A few of you know them in real life.  But you may not realize the whole story of Reese's and her BF. 

I prayed for Reese's BF BEFORE they met.  I prayed hard!  I prayed on a drive one Saturday, as I cried, all the way from Magnolia to Hot Springs!  (This is easily over 2 hours, for those of you unfamiliar with Arkansas.)  I begged God to help Reese's! I had NO idea what He had in mind.  I had no idea He would send a lady from our church as a messenger AND I had no idea where all this would lead her.

Okay, so prior to a regular Wednesday night in the fall, Reese's had scratched her eye and had to wear an eye patch until it healed.  She wore the eye patch to church on this particular Wednesday night.  A dear friend from church came up to me and asked if Reese's was dating anyone.  It was kind of "out of the blue" . . . but I always say, when something is "out of the blue" it's usually from God.

I told her, "No, not that I know of. . ." always in "mom mode" thinking in my head " . . . why what has she done?"

She told me that she wanted to introduce her to a new boy that was coming to church.  I know my face must have been "PANIC", as I explained that Reese's was wearing an eye patch tonight.  This wonderful lady said, "It's no big deal we can do it a different time." 

Then I stopped her and I said, "I don't know, she might be fine with it.  All we can do is ask her.  I'll check and see what she says."

So I asked Reese's if she wanted to meet this new boy, and with her ONE GOOD EYE, she glared at me, and said "MOM!  I am wearing an EYE PATCH!" 

I told her, "I know and I told Mrs. K. that you might not want to."

She thought for a few minutes then said, "I don't care.  I'll meet him."

I said, "Okay? You don't have to, but find Mrs. K. and she will introduce you."  I was on the phone at the time and watched this all unfold from across the fellowship hall.  As she walks with Mrs. K. over to his table I thought, "That's the boy? I really thought he was way older."  But they meet and they both smile and say a few words to each other.  Then it was over. 

Well, I didn't know what I thought would happen when two almost 20's meet.  But it was rather short and sweet.  The real indicator was when they started texting each other!

That was three years ago (nearly) and last night . . .


So what were Reese's TOP Three Things?
1.  He had to ask Santa's permission!  - CHECK

2.  The engagement ring had to be a silver or white gold setting. - CHECK

3.  He had to get down on one knee. - CHECK
I am beyond happy for them!  They are plotting and planning a date sometime after she graduates from college in 2015!  God is so good!!  I am thanking Him for ALL of these wonderful blessings!  I couldn't ask for a better match for Reese's, but He already knew.
Congratulations Reese's and your new fiance'!  (His candy name is pending, but we will officially introduce him when I get back home.  Still hanging out in Atlanta with Santa!)  We love you both! Welcome to our crazy but sweet family!


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