Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Introducing Toblerone aka Toby

First of all, I am proud to introduce our newest candy bit to our family . . . 

Toblerone (aka Toby)

Well, I promised you the proposal story for Reese's and here you go.  While Santa and I were in Atlanta Toblerone proposed to Reese's.  He had hidden the ring box in a box of Berry Berry Kix they had bought at Walmart earlier that night.  They went to our office parking lot to let Reese's get her car and load all the groceries.  Toby asked Reese's if they ever put toy surprises in Kix.  She said, "I don't know. Well, good-night!"

He stopped her, "Look inside and see."  When she opened the Kix box there was the ring box, and then Toby got down on one knee, right there beside their cars in the parking lot and proposed.

(Yes, this is a reenactment . . . remember I was in Atlanta.)

Congratulations to Reese's and Toby!  We are so happy for you both!  Toby has been in our family for a few years now, so it seems weird that all you out in the blog-o-sphere haven't met him yet.  We are blessed to have such a good Christian young man joining our family. 

I told you love was in the air (at least around here) we had a lot of fun taking pictures this past weekend with the maid of honor.  Things are going to start getting crazy in a few months . .. but for now we will just breathe in the love that is in the air.


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