Tuesday, October 1, 2013

bww - Atlanta Birthday Week

Wow this post was ALMOST late, but I have an amazing excuse . . . not only did Reese's get ENGAGED. . .   (Check it out!)

but I am in Atlanta for my birthday week thanks to the fabulous Santa!  He not only let me have off from work, he brought me to Atlanta, where he has been working during the week for some R&R.

So far I have been shoe shopping (LOVE) and driving around in a convertible Mustang (LOVE, LOVE) and I have been hanging out with Santa (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE)!  Great birthday!!

This is where Santa has been working during the week since MAY!!  But I didn't forget about you black and white lovers out there.



  1. Nice birthday present. Nice photos! Thanks for hosting!

  2. I've always wanted to visit Atlanta!

  3. Yes! I love this wonderful picture, beautiful !

  4. Just found your link up and added my black and white from the State Fair.
    Big Family Small Farm—Black & White Wednesday

    1. Welcome Jenny! Thanks so much for linking up this week!!


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