Monday, October 14, 2013


Today is the day!  This was the very first day of my new life.  This was the day I left my old life behind and the day before I took two little hyperactive girls on a plane ride with me to my brand new life.

I picked them up from their babysitter early and told them we were going to a birthday party.  But that wasn't true.  I drove to my apartment to pick up my packed bag, but I was too scared to leave my car.  I was terrified.  

So I sat in the parking garage behind my apartment for what seemed like an hour, but I am pretty sure it was only a few minutes.  Then I thought I saw someone inside the apartment, so I turned the car around and I just started driving.  

I knew I was headed to the airport.  I had cashed my very last check from my job and I was flying out first thing in the morning, but I really had no clue what was ahead of me.  I didn't know how my husband would react.  I didn't know if there would be anyone to pick me up at the airport.  I was relying completely and totally on God to provide a way for me to leave.  

Things had been bad with my husband since we came back from his overseas tour and there was no getting around the fact that our relationship was sinking fast.  We had begun arguing more and more to the point that our two little girls were being affected by all these fights.  

Our bag was pre-packed and waiting in the bottom drawer of the girls' dresser.  All I would have to do is run upstairs and grab it and run out.  Nice and neat.  But I froze in the parked car and could not find the courage to leave, not even for 5 minutes.  So the next morning we boarded a plane for Dallas, Texas with nothing but a few diapers that were in a diaper bag and the clothes that we were wearing.

I kept telling Lollipop and Tootsie Pop that we were going to Disneyworld.  There was a well dressed lady sitting next to me, in her thick southern drawl she patted my leg and said, "Sweetie you know this plane goes to Daallaass?"  I assured her I was on the right plane. 

Santa had talked me down the night before.  I was a complete mess.  Terrified my husband was coming after me.  Terrified of what he would do when he found me. Petrified of leaving and completely terrified of staying.  Would I be in Dallas with no ride and then what would I do?  By the time I got off the plane I was exhausted . . .

but there Santa was standing there waiting for us to arrive.  I know he was wearing a turquoise and gray striped shirt, but it might as well have been a suit of armor, because he was my hero.

I had prayed so many nights that I didn't know how God would manage for us to get away, but I knew he would.  I just didn't know what He had in mind.  I actually remember praying, "God I don't know how you are going to manage it because I know you hate divorce, but I need to get away from him (my husband)."

I am very careful to give God the glory.  I know there are so many little things that were put in place so that we were able to get away without being seen and there is only one reason and that is my very powerful and wonderful God.  

I didn't know that only 9 months later I would be marrying Santa and only 9 months after that we would have a beautiful little boy together.  That was exactly 25 years ago today that I took the biggest leap of faith of my entire life.


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