Friday, September 27, 2013

Tootsie Roll Speaks

Well, I know it's a little early for his first words, but I have watched this video so many times I just know he is trying to tell me something really REALLY important!!

What do you think he is saying?



  1. oh my goodness, he captured his thumb and can't get loose!!!! I love how babies move their whole bodies, eventually learning how to control and direct their limbs at will. Yes, he certainly is trying to communicate. Wait until the day you hear yourself say, "Tootsie, enough talking, just eat your supper!" ha.

  2. I think he's saying "Oh, I know you, I love you! But why can't I get up and move around? I keep trying and trying... Oh well, guess I'll just keep calm and lay here and play with my hands." He's adorable!!


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