Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Meet Sugar Daddy!!

That's right we have a new candy bit to add to our family.  As of last night . . . 7/8/2013, Lollipop is officially engaged.  Even though the wedding isn't for over a year, we wanted to officially introduce you to Sugar Daddy!

Lollipop and Sugar Daddy at a Phillies game.  

The whole family. Mars Bar, Sugar Pop, Lollipop, Swedish Fish, Sugar Daddy and Clark Bar!  Sugar Daddy is Clark Bar and Sugar Pop's dad.  Swedish Fish is also Sugar Daddy's son from a previous marriage.  Mars Bar is Sugar Daddy's step-son.

So why are you just now getting "introduced" to Sugar Daddy?  

 . . . because he put a ring on it!  Yes!!!  Lollipop is ENGAGED!!  So excited for their whole family!  

Lollipop is in full-blown wedding planning mode too!  

I had told all my girls it's not "engaged" without a ring and a date.  So now it is official with the ring and the date is December 13, 2014 . . . 12/13/14!  Cool date, huh?



  1. That list took me several reads to get it straight, but I think I know who's who now. Hahaha! Blessings to the new couple and congrats!

    1. I know Christina . . .it's a little confusing . . . and out of order. But I am glad to see them finally make things right. Woo hoo!!!


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