Wednesday, June 26, 2013

bww - vacation

Well, with all the excitement of having a new grandson I almost forgot that we had a whole week of vacation before he decided to show up.  Here are some sweet shots from our Florida vacation (before and after TS Andrea).

Come on in the water is fine. . .

Before the tropical storm Andrea, look how gorgeous this water looks.

Skittles, Reese's and Kisses playing in the waves.

During the storm. . . 

We did get stuck in the hotel for a few days while we waited for the storm to move out. Skittles and Sugar Pop watching TV.

Tootsie Pop and Lollipop

After the storm . . .

 . . . there were lots of people on the beach.  A much different ocean after Andrea stirred everything up.

Santa is pretty awesome for taking us on this great vacation and letting me stay to meet Tootsie Roll.

What a great vacation!!  For one of your black and white's here's Clark Bar . . .the silliest grandson ever!!

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  1. Makes me want to head down right now! :) Gorgeous!

  2. That does look like a wonderful vacation, even with the storm the time spent together must have been very special. Love all the photos but my favorite is the b/w of Tootsi Pop and Lollipop.


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