Wednesday, June 19, 2013

bww - Tootsie Roll

After my whole family spent a week in Florida waiting for the newest addition to our little family when he didn't come they decided to let me stay and went home without me early Saturday morning.

I stayed for Clark Bar's birthday party.  I spent some time with Lollipop and then I went to Tootsie Pops' doctor's appointment with her to find out her induction date, since she was already past due.  

They scheduled her for Wednesday the 12th, but she was awakened at 2:30 Tuesday morning with labor pains.  We waited around their apartment until about 8:00 a.m.  then we loaded up the cars and went to the hospital.  

They decided she was too far along to let her go home, so they got her some ice chips and told her to walk the halls.

Everything was going according to plan, but then the contractions kept going but she wasn't making much progress.  

When little man's heart rate started dropping the wonderful nurses in labor and delivery jumped on the bed with Tootsie Pop and re positioned the baby inside her belly to make sure he was no longer in distress.

The doctors and nurses kept monitoring her progress until around 10:30 p.m.  That is when they decide to do a C-section and give the baby a break.  His heart rate dropped a couple of times during that day, and the doctor was concerned that he was getting exhausted.  

When I saw him for the first time it was on a text message, since none of us could be in the delivery room.  

He is just perfect, isn't he?  

His momma named him Tootsie Roll while we were in the hospital.  Since she is Tootsie Pop she thought that should be his name.  

So here he is for real . . .

8 lb.  2 oz.
19 7/8 inches

Tootsie Roll!

Momma and baby all ready to go home.  

Oh right . . . the black and white!  (Did you think I forgot?)  

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  1. awe!! love it, especially the bw one so precious!!!!

    1. Ashton, so glad I was able to be there, meet him and take all these pictures for her!

  2. Beautiful baby! Congratulations! :)

  3. Just beautiful! Especially love the last one, the black and white. Precious!

  4. WOW! WOW! WOW! Yes! Tootsie roll is gorgeous! WOW! I love him!

  5. That last shot is just stunning, congrats!

  6. What a beautiful, sweet photo! There is something about black & white that I think just adds a lot of emotion to an image.

  7., so adorable! Enjoy! :)

  8. Congratulations! Such beautiful pictures of your new little Tootsie Roll and his mommy Lolly Pop.
    Mrs. Claus, you make me smile :)

  9. Love the sleeping baby photos!

  10. Nothing like mama and baby bonding to touch my heart!

  11. What a sweetie pie, Congrats!


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