Friday, May 3, 2013

pinterest strikes again

These are so adorable  . . . aren't they?  Little graduation caps made out of chocolate.  I first saw these little gems on pinterest (aka evil monkey that gets stuck in my head).  

So here is the original pin.  (Bakerella may just be the Evil Queen too.  LOL!)

So my graduation caps don't look anything like these little pops  . . . right?  As you can plainly see they are not atop dainty little candy sticks. . . because they are too heavy! 

This is because our Walmart did not have the cute little Godiva individual squares of chocolate.  So I had to get Ghirardelli caramel filled squares.  

AND when I opened the first bag, nearly every square was broken and caramel was everywhere.  Not to mention that almost every Reese's peanut butter cup was dented or had peanut butter peeking through around the sides.  


Many of them turned out like this.  But the majority were not even made into caps because they were utterly destroyed when I unwrapped them.  

Don't believe everything you see on pinterest. . .  just a word to the wise!


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