Friday, May 17, 2013

newborn fun photo session

No it's not quite time for Tootsie Pop's little man  to arrive, but I thought I would share the fun photos I took after Kisses and Skittles got their new family member.

So after we got started with the introduction shot.

Then, of course, there was the wedding rings on the "foot" . . .well, paw in this case, LOL!

I was having way too much fun with these pictures.  Well, until I was holding his little paw too hard and he squealed a little, and then I felt like the worst "grandma" in the world.

Lewis wasn't going to fall asleep so we couldn't do all the "posed" newborn shots.  He was too hopped up for sleeping.  So we did a little different shoot.

It looks like he is thinking, "Really?"

"Guys, I can't watch this . . . I'm just a baby!"

"Tell me when they are done . . . this is so embarrassing!"

He finally fell asleep after all those shots . . . but only for about 5 seconds.  A model's life can be so exhausting!  

I think this was one of the best newborn photo sessions I have ever done.  LOL!  


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