Thursday, May 30, 2013

ncdogg - update

Reese's, as many of you may remember, started blogging almost 1 year ago. Since that time she has been busy typing away and creating fan fiction after doing many hours of play throughs on multiple video games. 

Now to some of you this may not sound very interesting, but let me explain. 

When you play an RPG (role play game) there is quite a bit of latitude the creators of the game allow the player.  For example, you can choose your character, your strengths, your race and whether you want to be "good" or "evil".  In most cases the way you play has as much to do with the experience as the game itself.  So there is a lot of things you can do differently from other players, even though you are playing the same exact game. 

When you encounter a NPC (non-playable character - or a pre-programmed character in the game), you have a variety of responses to choose from and each response will generate a different reaction from the game.  Couple this with all the other variables and you have a truly unique experience within the limits offered by the programmers who designed the game.

 . . . whew!

With all that being said, two of the blogs I am introducing you to today are "fan-fiction" blogs.  You can always find the links to these new blogs on Reese's main blog "Non-Confidential Diaries of a Girl Gamer" N-CDOGG for short. 


This is a scene from Elsa Flarest's Skyrim Journal.  This story is written in a laid-back diary format.

This is a scene from The Elder Scrolls Tales.  This fan-fiction is written in a book (novel) format.

Book I: A Skyrim Tale
Book II: An Oblivion Tale (just started Book II, and planning to finish Book I first). 

It is fascinating to read, if you like adventures and even better if you like video games and you want to see how to get though a certain part of the game.

There are many ways to link up and stay up-to-date with the latest chapters in each of these stories by checking the right side panel on these blogs.  You can follow on facebook and on twitter, or have new posts sent directly to your inbox.

If you have suggestions, comments or constructive criticism you can email Reese's at


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