Saturday, May 4, 2013

Kisses Graduated with Honors

Kisses graduated SUMA CUM LAUDE, from Southern Arkansas University last night.  This is accomplishment is even more impressive when you know that she has made ALL A's the entire time she was in high school and college.  Extremely proud of her accomplishments.  I cannot wait to see what fabulous adventures God has planned for her and Skittles!

The graduate with her beautiful mom.

We had so much fun after graduation hanging out with her wonderful family and all their friends.     

As you can see Frodo was the real star of the party!  

Now for the big reveal. . . 

(*drum roll*)

Kisses blog!!

That's right, Kisses has her own blog.  You have to check this out!  She is going to be such a great teacher!  

This blog has links to her Teachers Pay Teachers account where you can purchase some of her lesson plans and cool stuff for your own classroom (if you are a teacher).  Plus link up to her on facebook and google+ too!  


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