Saturday, March 30, 2013

why do YOU blog?


Courtney at "Faithful Bloggers" has the reasons behind 19 bloggers why they blog.
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Since I am in Florida, partying it up, with all my warm Florida kids, I thought I would share this link with all of you wonderful readers while I am out, and share with you, 

Why I Blog?

Well, as many of you know, I love photography.  But my job is really writing.  I write technical help documentation (I know . . . what?) for Santa's computer company.  You know the little "question mark" you click on in software when you don't know what to do?  Well, the stuff that comes up when you click that question mark is what I write.  (Ooohhh!)

I found that my writing was so technical that I was having trouble forming complete sentences.  So I started blogging in an attempt to make my help documentation more conversational and less technical.  This way our users would be able to understand our help documentation a little better. 

This is why I started. . . . well, then it just took off and started being a vehicle for me to share my photographs with my customers as well as with you lovelies!  Then when I found out that my beloved black and white Wednesday blog hop was ending, I just had to pick up the torch and keep it going.  

Well . . . and now it's well . . .this!

A not-so-smart person once told me a very smart thing.  

Does that ever happen to you?

Someone that you don't respect or even like says something that sticks in your head.  I want to think that sometimes God uses people in our lives in ways we don't expect.  I might even be that person in someone else's life.  (oh no)

But this person said, "If I am gonna put something on the world wide web that everyone can read, it's gonna be about Jesus."

So I try to share my faith through my blog and my other social networks.  

I think it might be working, because people don't ask me if I am a Christian, they apologize sometimes for their actions because, "I know you are a hard-core Christian and all. . . ."  (love it!!)

I am not bragging about it, I am just explaining how all this evolved into the blog you read today.

I still believe that your life can be "like Christmas every day" if you follow Jesus.  Waking up and seeing what God wants to show me every day is just like Christmas to me.


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