Wednesday, March 27, 2013

guess who came to town?

We followed them in to town this morning. . . 

Then our Magnolia Fire Department helped them out . . . 

Because they had some dirty elephants . . . 

And one tired elephant.

They got washed.

They even got a little drink.

Itty Bitty was there!

Little Bit was there too!

My boss was so nice to let me leave work and run down to the church to see all the action.  How many times do you get to photograph elephants getting washed by your local fireman?

The reason the elephants had to be cleaned up was because they were in the big show 

because the circus was in town tonight!

Our church, actually our mission team, teamed up with the circus as a fund raiser tonight.  Our pastor got to speak under the big top.  I wish I could have seen the show, but I had to pack and do laundry for the trip in the morning.  

Tune in tomorrow for some more elephant shots!  I had way too much fun!



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