Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Santa's Sister Bday Party

Since I came to this family in 1989 I have been loved by Santa's whole family.  Maybe a little extra from Santa's oldest sister.  I love her like my own sister.

The morning of her birthday she cooked breakfast for all of us at her house.  Then the surprises began!

Lunch at her favorite Mexican restaurant!

Fried Ice Cream surprise!


But the real surprise was later that evening.  Santa's kids and another sister put together a huge birthday party for her.

She was so surprised!

I especially love the baby picture!

The cake and 60-LICIOUS crown!

Card tree

Such a cool place to have a party!

 I am happy to share her surprise birthday party with all of you.  During the party she told us she had never had a birthday party before, so I was really glad we didn't miss this one! 

Happy Birthday to Santa's sister.  We love you!!


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  1. How fun. Isn't it wonderful when his family becomes your family and the in-law part just disappears. what a great way to celebrate and I love the card tree idea.


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