Thursday, February 21, 2013

my husband beats me up everyday

I know I post a lot of pictures, and I am a true follower of Jesus.  I am trying to be a good wife, I really am.  But  .  . . . well, just tell me what you think.  Sometimes real life isn't as glamorous as photographs, you know?  It IS embarrassing, but I want to be honest with you lovely readers.

I want your advice.  Do any of you other ladies out there have this problem?  Does your husband/boyfriend beat you up?

I mean seriously?  

Every single day of my life . . . okay, okay . . . not EVERY single day.  On rare occasions (very rare) my husband does not beat me up.  But regular enough that I thought I should share it with you.  He does it in front of guests when they come to our house and even in front of our children.  It's kind of embarrassing.  

We were recently at Santa's sister's house for her birthday party, and it even happened when we were there.  It happens when we are out of town.  It may even be worse when we are on vacation.  

It's frustrating I just wish I knew why . . . you know?

My first husband did beat me up sometimes, but not regularly.  Not like this!  I wonder if Santa's first wife had this same problem.  I have a feeling (from the things I have heard) she might have beat him up.  But I have never spoken to the woman so it's not fair for me to say those things about her.  Isn't that weird, I have never been face to face with Santa's ex-wife.  Huh?

There are a lot of support groups these days you know?  I have not seen any shelters or programs for my particular problem, but it is embarrassing so I will be honest I haven't looked that hard.  I mean most of the places that offer help want to portray the guy as the one needing help.  Santa is not a mean person.

I think maybe I am just lazy.  

It doesn't matter how hard I try . . . 

It doesn't matter what I do . . . 

It doesn't even matter if I change my routine . . . .

or what time I go to bed. . . 

. . .  Santa always gets up before me!

Well, you ladies tell me . . . do you think I am lazy?

I guess . . .  Santa is just an early riser.  LOL!

(Happy Thursday!)



  1. I kind of figured when I saw your title that this would be something humorous or a joke. But I just had to be sure! The best thing about beating my husband up every day is that he gets stuck making the bed!

    1. LOL! Vicki, maybe you hit the nail on the head. . . I am stuck making the bed too!! Hope you have a great day!

  2. After 4 times of reading this and re-reading this I finally got it :) hehe Thanks for the laugh (and relief after 4 times of reading it ;) )

    1. I'm glad you got it. LOL! My pastor's secretary was headed over here to talk to my husband until she read it a second time. She called to tell me while she was cracking up laughing!

  3. I knew it was going to be funny but not once did it occur to me you were talking about getting up in the mornings! LOL

    1. LOL! Thanks for stopping by hope you got a good laugh from it. I know Santa's sister did.

  4. I am going to have to read this more often. I was ready to come throught this computer and throttle him until I got to the last part. I have laughed so hard my sides hurt. Love you both, Mr. and Mrs. Claus

  5. You might rethink your humor, IMO, as millions of women suffer every day. A little insight and compassion might be in order?

    1. I didn't mean to offend anyone. Thank you for your honest opinion.


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