Tuesday, February 5, 2013

it's February people

February is not only hard to say  . . . it's hard on our family.  

One reason is because today (2/5/2013) is the anniversary of Brittni's death.  Brittni was the 15 year old friend of my daughter.  Both my oldest daughters were friends with Brittni, but Lollipop was the same age.  

16-year old boyfriend charged with her murder

Brittni Joan Pater

This picture is from school, Brittni is in the center and Lollipop is on the right in the blue shirt.

Brittni and Lollipop in their band uniforms.

This picture is still in a magnet on our refrigerator.

Brittni Joan Pater, you are missed.

so yeah . . . .

It's a hard month around here.  

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