Tuesday, February 5, 2013

BSA - really?

I am sorry for this non-traditional post.  I normally post some lovely photos or a message to wives about respecting their husbands.

But today, I just have to step up on the soap box for The Boy Scouts of America.  I am so sad to hear that this organization would even consider changing their core values to go against what the Bible clearly teaches about homosexuality.  I am also saddened to hear how this country continues to conform to the whims of the few while exploiting and taking away the rights of the majority.

This country is less than 10% homosexual, but for all the publicity you would think that they were the majority in this country.  This small segment of society is leading the rest of us around by the nose, and I for one am tired of it.  I am bombarded with "gayness" on television every minute of every day.  And I am appalled that gay and lesbians want to promote themselves on the same level as black Americans.  I am disgusted that they would even consider themselves in the same category, simply because of their sexual orientation.  A black man has no way to conceal the color of his skin, where a homosexual person can conceal their sexual orientation for life if they so choose.  So YES, I do think it is a choice for people.  You choose to let people know. 

I don't hate anyone, and I know that Jesus loves ALL people regardless of the sexual orientation, but He loves sinners!  I believe in my heart that homosexuality is a sin.  I know there are some of you out there who won't agree, and who may stop "following" my blog because of my views.  

But the last time I looked it was still MY blog and MY beliefs being expressed on here, so if you don't like it by all means don't follow my blog.  I refuse to go against what is clearly taught with dire consequences in the Bible.  

We have got to stop bending over backwards for all the wrong reasons and starting standing up for the right reasons.

My family has been involved in scouting (girl or boy) in some way my entire life.  I am not endorsing scouting as a "perfect" organization because as with any organization there are exceptions.  But this organization is one of the few left on the planet where Christian values have not been watered down to meet with the public's view of political correctness.  One of the few groups you were proud to applaud on Scout Sunday at your local church.  

If the reason behind all this "gayness" really is corporate sponsors as you allege I would recommend getting some new sponsors.  Or I don't know cutting loose some of your board members who require some sort of salary for some folks who want to volunteer.  

AND another thing . . . 

Isn't it really the sexual orientation of the parents being brought into question and not the child?  I mean what cub scout has a sexual orientation?  He's in first grade for crying out loud.

The Supreme Court has already ruled on the matter of excluding gays as scout leaders based on the core values of this organization.  I hope the amount of corporate money being funneled into the Boy Scouts of America far outweighs the money and resources used to take this case to the Supreme Court in 2000.  Otherwise, what a waste!

Go ahead and start "UN-following" . . . I don't mind.

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  1. What a really great post! I feel the same way. If they allow this to happen my boys will not be in Boy Scouts.

    1. I know Rochelle, and what a shame because I am sure your boys enjoy scouting. When the Canadian Boy Scouts changed their policy to allow "gays" they lost over 50% of their membership.


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