Sunday, January 6, 2013


Sunrise Sunday . . . okay, okay. . . this was not taken this morning.  This shot was from last week.

This is sunrise through my sitting room window.  You may not recognize it but I shoot this window many times from my upstairs sitting room.  I had finished my session due to the rain the night before, and forgot to lower the blinds before I went to bed.  

We had to wake up early for Santa's appointment with the retina doctor, and this was the scene from my window.  In the original version of this shot, you can clearly see a planet (Venus or Mars) in the center.  Without my fancy new tripod, that planet would look like a squiggly line on the glass. 

Thankful today and every day . . . aren't you?

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  1. That is a lovely shot. that would be way too early for me to get up so im glad you took the shot so i didnt have to.
    have a great day.

  2. I like Christmas everyday too. Even when the Seattle skies are grey and my heart is heavy and my pocket book is light I want to take a bite of the apple red, ride in the sleigh jingling all the way. Now we wait for mistletoe to be hung, silence of winter working it's spring, deepening thrombosis throbbing pain, awaiting miracles not in vain. Think good thoughts until Santa calls again. Prepare to be surprised!


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