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Abel's Field DVD - Review and Giveaway!

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Here's what Mrs. Claus says:

I am not normally swayed by the Christian hype which tracks along with most of these kinds of movies. . .  and I  was not moved by "Facing the Giants" or "Fireproof" or "Courageous".


(whispers . . . "and she calls herself a Christian.")

I am not saying that these movies don't have a good message, they no doubt do. They have changed many people's lives.  However, I do not want to watch a movie to change my life.  I rely on the Holy Spirit and His voice to do that.  For movies. . . I want to be entertained.  THAT is what movies are for anyway.

Normally, I do not like "chick-flick" movies or movies that give you that warm fuzzy feeling at the end.  I am more of an action/mystery movie person.  I love Robert DeNiro movies and Quentin Tarentino movies . . . I know, I know. . . . if you haven't figured it out yet, I'm not the typical "Mrs. Claus".

With all that being said . . . I am here to tell you that I cried during this movie. . .  that's right CRIED!

Okay, I should let you in on a little known fact about myself . . . that is if I see a guy cry in a movie . . .
well, AND if the actor is convincingly crying that is. . .  then . . . I cry!

Samuel Davis crying  . . . made me cry.  This movie was NOT the best movie I have seen, but it was better than the hyped Christian movies I have seen in the past.  I was NOT looking forward to watching it.  However, I was pleasantly surprised that the story was worth watching and the acting was convincing.  

But don't listen to my hype . . . check it out for yourself.  All the information about the movie is listed below with links to all the marketing sites.  So what are you waiting for ...  go ahead and click and check it out!

If you want to win a free DVD for you (or a nice gift for a friend) click on the giveaway below!

Abel's Field
AFFIRM Films/Provident Films
Releases January 22, 2013

About Abel's Field
Left motherless by tragedy and abandoned by his father, high school senior Seth McArdle (Samuel Davis) faces enormous pressure as he strives to support his little sisters. At school, he endures the daily bullying of the football team. But fighting back only finds him singled out for punishment and assigned to an after-school work detail under the supervision of the reserved groundskeeper, Abel (SOUL SURFER’S Kevin Sorbo). Much to his surprise, Seth discovers that Abel may be the only one who truly understands his struggles. As dark times lure Seth toward desperate measures, the reluctant Abel may be the one person who can point him back toward the light.

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  2. Sounds like a great family friendly movie! I'd love to watch it with my family.



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