Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Day 12

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Day 12
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Today would have been a cool birthday for my Dad.  12/12/12  . . . . come on now that is one cool birthday.  

This is my Dad holding me when I was only 3 months old.  Now THAT is sweet.  I didn't take the picture.  But I still think it is sweet.  I miss you Dad, especially today!

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I wish I had a picture of "Cuties" the little tangerines.  Do you know what kids like?  Sweets.  You know what cuties are . . . sweet.  Kids like cuties cause cuties are made for kids. LOL!  I laugh every time!  

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  1. Dear Mrs. Claus, I seem to have missed something. Where is the link up for B&W Wednesday????

    Your Papa sures looks proud of his wee baby girl! Were you his first? I was the oldest too, of three. I love those old photos of us as kids and our parents in the 50's glasses and hair cuts. :)

    Happy third week of Advent.

    1. I was their first . . . and spoiled rotten! LOL!

      My B&W Wednesday link up was acting weird last week, but the new one for this week didn't post yet. I am still working on it. A little busy this time of year that's all! Hopping!!


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