Friday, November 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Reese's!!!!

Today is Reese's birthday!  Happy Birthday to Reese's!  

So in honor of Reese's here is her birthday story!  

Reese's was the 5th pregnancy and 4th child for me.  She was the easiest of all the pregnancies as well as the easiest birth.  I had been having some false labor (or some pre-labor pains) for a couple of weeks.  We had made a trip (40 minutes to our hospital) a couple of times only to be sent home because it was false labor. 

The doctor told me that if he didn't see me before he would induce on Nov. 17th (a Tuesday).  I was 2 weeks over my due date and just ready to be done.  I had heard an old wive's tale that if you took Castor Oil it would cause you to go into labor.  Sunday night came and still no baby.  

So  . . . 

I  . . . .

took a tablespoon of Castor Oil.


It was AWFUL!  Horrible!!  I wiped my mouth out on the inside with a dry wash cloth it was THAT nasty.  I don't recommend it.  But it was better than being induced, in my opinion.  

I went to bed no false labor so I figure the old wives got it wrong on this one.

But . . .

I was awakened at 4:00 a.m. with severe stomach cramps.  After a couple of trips to the bathroom, the stomach cramps turned into labor pains . . .the "real" kind.  Then I thought, "Hooray for old wives!  We are having a baby today!"

The labor was steady but it wasn't progressing, so Santa and I decided to go to work just to see if they would continue.  I was working as a support technician at the time and I was taking customers' calls in between contractions.  Well until P. from Mississippi called and I had a big one right in the middle of our conversation.  I asked her if she could please repeat that last part because I was having a contraction.  

She said, "You're what???  Put your husband on the phone right now!"  

After Santa explained the situation to her, she still refused to continue talking to me and insisted he take me to the hospital.  This was around 11:30 a.m. We made the drive to El Dorado, Arkansas from our office which was about 35-40 minutes.  And . .  . I fell asleep in the car on the way over.  

I was so sad when Santa woke me up, I just knew the contractions had stopped again and I would have to be induced the next morning.  But he told me since we were there we would let them check me out anyway.

There were 9 other ladies having babies on November 16th counting me.  I was the last one to check in and the first to deliver!  I was watching T.V. and the nurse asked if she could get us anything.  She said, "Let me just check you real quick."

When she ran out of the room I kinda figured it was important.  She came back with the doctor and they said I was already dilated to 9 cm and that we had to get ready to go.  Woo hoo!  Having a baby.  

Reese's was born around 3:30 PM.  

She was born and when the doctor handed her to me she SCREAMED!  Santa could hold her and she was fine, but I was convinced that she hated me.  She had colic and screamed  . . . seriously SCREAMED for the first 6 months of her life. 


Happy Birthday to Reese's!  Hope your birthday is as beautiful as you are!

These are some of the practice pictures with Reese's and her BF, Toby.  (Who has been given this temporary name on the blog because next month they celebrate 2 years together.  Crazy I know, right?)

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  1. Happy Birthday to Reese's! Her birth was quite the adventure. The photos you took of her and BF are gorgeous!

  2. I wished Reese's a happy birthday a little after midnight but I am now giving you a big sloppy kiss for giving me 4 beautiful grandchildren. You have done a wonderful job with them. kisses and hugs to Reese's mother for without her she would not have been here to celebrate.

  3. Happy, happy day to Reese's! Don't you just love the stories about babies? Each and every one is special.


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