Thursday, November 1, 2012

like Christmas every day

I wanted to share something with you all.  Jesus loves you!  I don't mean like the little kid song you learned in vacation Bible school, but I mean He REALLY loves you.  He loves me too!  He doesn't just love the people who go to church or wear Christian t-shirts or have a fish on their car . . . He loves ALL of us.  He loves the gang member that lives down the block.  He loves the heroine addict you passed on the street on your way to work.  He loves the homeless person you stepped over to get on the bus.  He loves the woman who cheated on her husband.  He loves the guy who stole your wife.  He loves the person who shot your brother.  He loves the person who cut you off at the red light.  He loves your friend who stabbed you in the back.  He loves the people who are unlovable . . . like me.  He loves us all.  He knows how much each and everyone of us are hurting inside and He wants to help.  He wants us to follow His example and love each other too.

I really want to tell you how much Jesus really does love you but I only have this keyboard and this small group of people who actually read this blog.  But He loves you so much!!  If you would just ask Him how much . . . He will come into your heart and He will show you.  It may not be a feeling like fireworks, or goosebumps, or all tingly all over.  It probably won't be the "be healed" falling down feeling that you see on TV sometimes.  But I promise you it will be real.  Jesus' love will reach down into the depths of your heart and give you a peace that doesn't make any sense to anyone else.  

That's what Jesus did for me.  He reached into my blank empty life and filled it up with love for Him and love for other people.  He is showing me more and more everyday that He is the only way and I am more thankful for that than I have ever been before.  There is something unbelievably freeing about being obedient to God.  Once you feel how much you are loved . . . it takes you over sometimes.  

This is why my blog is called "like Christmas every day", because a life filled with Jesus' love is just like that.  I can hardly wait to wake up in the mornings to see what God will show me.  I am not saying I don't have struggles, of course we all do, but in my heart I know whatever is happening to me physically has no bearing on my soul.  It is well, with my soul.

If you have never trusted Jesus you can click on the Do You Know Jesus? button on the side bar and read more about what it takes. . . and believe me it's probably the easiest thing you will do all day.  The best part?  It is absolutely 100% FREE!!!!!

You can't beat that!  

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