Wednesday, November 21, 2012

black and white Wednesdays - Christmas dress

This week's contest is over!  Click here to see the WINNERS!

This pin really sets off this dress, doesn't it?  The pin belonged to a dear friend of this little girl's grandmother, named Gert.  Since Gert didn't have any granddaughters of her own she kept up with this little granddaughter instead.  She left all this jewelry to her grandmother when she passed on.  This is just one of the many pins she left.

This precious little girl's grandmother came from Illinois (a 13 hour drive to Arkansas) for a visit and brought this gorgeous Christmas dress that she MADE for her.  Absolutely adorable!

Naturally, we wanted to showcase it a little bit.

While she had her eyes closed Jingle Bell the elf showed up just to do a pre-Christmas check on her.  

Here is my black and white for this Thanksgiving week!  We will be open all Thanksgiving weekend for you to upload your black and white photos until Sunday night.  So when you are taking those family pictures or pictures of the turkey go ahead and convert one of them to black and white for the contest and link up!

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  1. A lovely story and beautiful photos to go along with it! I'm so happy to see that I made third place for last week! This week I've linked my W.W. with linky twice as there are two black and white photos that I have entered. I hope that's fine. :)

    Tina @ Amanda's Books and More

  2. Thanks Christina! That is absolutely fine! Happy Thanksgiving!


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