Saturday, October 13, 2012

this is me: day #12

Some regrets instantly come to mind . . . failed first marriage, time wasted on someone who didn't love "us".  But that regret is just as quickly erased with, ". . . but then you wouldn't have your two oldest daughters."  Who I love so much!

I don't spend a lot of time on regrets.  My first marriage taught me a lot about life.  Just because someone loves you with all their heart doesn't mean it is what you need.  Sometimes a person's ability to love is diminished by their love of their self, or their career or even the children you have together.  Cinderella-complex and what-not clouded my vision . . . so I tried my best to give my daughters a realistic view of life and marriage.  Not that you can't have a glorious life. . . but that sometimes even Cinderella has to scrub the toilet.

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  1. I'm behind in my reading. And writing. And, life in general. Who knew going back to work would be such an adjustment? LOL I love this 'this is me' you're doing. Regrets---that's a tricky thing. I always told my girls to try and live so that they won't have so many regrets. Sometimes, we're going to have them no matter what. But, when we do our best or learn our lessons, they aren't quite so bad. Mine are usually centered around some selfish words/actions. I'm still working on getting control of that kind of thing.


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