Friday, October 5, 2012

this is me: #4 proudest moment

Well, this is a new blog hop for me. . . and I am late.  Naturally!  LOL!  It's already #4 and I just started . . . so real quick I'll catch you up on me.  

#1 Why I Blog?
What started as a way to create complete sentences after programming in "code language" for several years, has turned into a way of life.  I have started taking more and more pictures and it is the perfect creative outlet for all those photos.  But that's not ALL of me . . . I want people to see how they can have a life "like Christmas every day" if they follow Jesus Christ.  Want to know more click here!

#2 Favorite Vacation Destination?
We have been to Hawaii 3 times and I absolutely love it. . . I just wish it was closer.  LOL! But it is by far my destination of choice.  We save up for it and skip a couple of vacations in order to do it every three or four years or so.  Amazing!

#3 Phobias?
Eh . . . I used to get hung up on lots of little things.  But after Santa's heart attack back in 2002, well it changed my outlook and I just don't have a lot of fears/phobias.  When I find them . . . like walking after dark, I try to face them down.  Now I can walk to the driveway (a really long way) to take out the trash WITHOUT a flash light.  Yay!

Okay so here we are . . . 

#4  Proudest Moment
Definitely, without a doubt would have to be the day each and every one of my little candy bits was baptized.  When they came to the realization that they needed Jesus Christ in their life and made that step on their own.  I never really thought about giving birth as a proud moment.  Santa was proud, but I never thought of it like "proud".  Relieved, happy, emotional but proud?  I must be weird or something.  Ha ha ha!  Knowing that each little precious child had started a relationship with Jesus Christ made me very proud.  

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  1. Thanks for participating! It's amazing how something can put lots of all those little things into perspective, a similar thing happened when my mom had her stroke two years ago. Those little things just don't seem important any more! I've never been to HI but want to go. I've never heard someone say "I went to HI and I never want to go back!"

  2. LOL! I have a friend who didn't want to go back because of the plane ride to get there. But she still loved HI!


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