Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Well, today is my birthday!  Can you believe it?  Me either.  

During our get away to Dallas, Santa was so sick.  But he still took time to get me some pretty amazing gifts.  An Old Navy hoodie, some skin scrub and cream, a mouse for my Mac and some awesome picture frames.  Reese's already gave me my awesome present.  A shirt that says 


on the front in big letters.  I love it!!  

I hope you all have some wonderful posts to share.  The trick is to find out where God is ALREADY working and jump in. Don't expect God to get on board with what you want to try to do for Him.  God doesn't need your originality or your ideas. . . He's uh . . . God, hello?  He has a plan!  In fact if you see where God is already working you will realize you are hopelessly behind!  But He still wants you to jump in and get involved in what He is already busy doing . . . building relationships with people.  This is God's will.  When you see miraculous things happening  . . . impossible things. . . or "out of the blue" things. . . that's probably God . . . doing what God does: making things happen.  

Jump on in there and help out, and you will see what God needs from you.  YOUR hands and YOUR feet doing things you didn't think were possible.

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