Wednesday, October 24, 2012

black and white Wednesday - biker Saturday

Well, this past Saturday, Santa and I along with Hollywood and LA and some new friends made a day trip to Hot Springs.  It is ALWAYS an adventure when we ride motorcycles and Saturday was no exception.

Hollywood's chopper broke down not far from our house.  LA and another biker towed it with a motorcycle to a gas station in town.  Then Hollywood had to leave it there all day while she rode on the back of LA's bike.  

Santa putting his jacket in the bike.  It started out being pretty cold, but then it warmed up and it was a beautiful day.  He's so cute.  

I love taking pictures from the back of Santa's bike.  Keep in mind, Santa doesn't stop to let me take pictures, all these motorcycle pictures are taken on the fly.  Pretty cool right?

Now it's your turn to link up YOUR black and white shots.

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  1. Cool photos and on the fly too! Loved it!

    Tina @ Amanda's Books and More

  2. I wonder why men don't like to stop for things like that? Obviously your a very good photographer :)

    Happy WW!

  3. These are great, I love the b&w's.

  4. Dear Mrs. Claus,
    I resubmitted my link, because it didn't seem to be working. I sure wouldn't want to have the judges miss out on seeing my fun steam engine shots. Is this okay with you?

  5. Rosemary,
    I fixed your link. For some reason it doesn't like the http: at the beginning of the permalink address.

    When I typed in

    for the URL, it worked!

  6. Photos on the fly.... thst must be a real challenge. Love the one of the old theater.


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