Friday, August 3, 2012

on the road again

This was the scene Tuesday night when we were loading Las Vegas and Hollywood's motorcycles in the trailer.  We have a couple of more people meeting up with us before we get to Sturgis.  Should be a pretty fun trip.  

As you can tell we are trailering (pulling motorcycles in a trailer) to Sturgis.  I'm glad in a way we will be able to relax in the truck on the way up there.  But I still want to ride the whole way one day.  It's not as far as Santa and I went on our trip to Florida, so I am pretty sure we could make it with no problem.  

I am super excited to be able to take pictures of all the cool things in South Dakota.  Hope I will have some to share when I get back . . . awww, you know me. . . of course I will.  

I also had a fun photo session with the sweetest little boy the night before I left.  When I get back I have to edit those shots and hopefully I will get to share a couple of those with you too.

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  1. Have a great trip! We have some friends who bike to Sturgis every year. I love to hear about all of the sights they see while they're there.


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