Wednesday, August 15, 2012

black and white Wednesday - Sturgis!

Well, we made it to Sturgis and back.  Like I said yesterday, we had so much fun!  I didn't want to leave.  Honestly, like a little kid being forced back in the car after visiting Disney World for the first time.  It was so cool.  Not so much the rally experience . . . but the rides through the Black Hills!!  I wish I was there right now.

But here are some of my black and white shots from Sturgis.  They are way cooler than the color versions I shot.  Let me know what you think after you link up your fabulous black and white shot below.
First here is our good friend Hollywood rolling out of Main Street Sturgis.  I think she looks pretty cool on her chopper.

Then there were the Hells Angels.  

Okay, so here is the story behind this "missed" shot.  Santa and I are waiting outside a shop for Hollywood and Las Vegas when I see a chick in fish net stockings, a mini skirt and high heels coming towards me.  So I set up for the shot waiting for some passers by to move.  She is leaned back talking to the guy who is following behind her.  More people in the way and then right when I get ready to snap . . . they separate enough so I can see she has a dog collar around his neck and is leading him by a chain leash.  Oh my.  Missed the shot I was going for but got this one instead.

I have NEVER seen this many bikes at one event in my life.  A definite first for me.

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  1. AWESOME photos! Our neighbors go to this every year! Fun!

  2. These pictures are perfect in B&W!! :)

  3. The missed shots are always the greatest!


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