Saturday, July 21, 2012

well rounded or just weird?

Well rounded indicates a person who is balanced and basically living with purpose.  A weird person is well . . . weird.. .  random and living without a path or without meaning.  

As I looked through some of my previous posts I realized that it may seem like I am a weird person to some of you new followers.  I guess you can decide for yourselves which way it is.

If you haven't figured out from my blog . . . I love Jesus!  He saved me and keeps saving me every single day of my life.  This is the reason my life (and blog) is just "like Christmas every day"!  

If you don't know Jesus and what He did for you it's all in the book of John.  How much He loves you and everything He's done just because of how much He cares for you.  Click on the icon on the right side menu to find out how you can have a life just like this!

I love photography.  I love taking pictures of EVERYTHING!  I especially love turning those pictures into something better with editing.  I am a "less than great shooter" and rely heavily on my editing skills to create photographs that I love.

I ride on the back of Santa's motorcycle . . . therefore all the bike shots.  I also love to take pictures from the back of the bike.  Some of them are very cool and pictures I would not normally be able to get without hanging on back there.  AND we are going to Sturgis to the motorcycle rally there this year!  After the wedding!  So there will be more pictures of motorcycle stuff to come.

Santa and I have 8 children all together.  13 grandchildren and now FOUR great grandchildren!  These children and grandchildren and great grandchildren are also great subjects for taking pictures.

We live in the south-west corner of Arkansas . . . this too gives me lots of things for which to take pictures and I am very grateful to God for all the beauty in His world that He allows me to capture with my camera.

Excited for this coming week of "wedding-ness" and really have to get back to deep cleaning my house.  Lots of pictures to come after the wedding.  When we can finally show all of you the beautiful bridal pictures and of course all the wedding pictures.  

As an added bonus all of the candy bits will be together in the same house for the first time in 12 years!  So they ARE going to stand still for a picture.  Which I have already warned them .. . no crossed eyes . . . . no tongues stuck out . . . do you think their mom takes too many pictures?  Well, maybe, but MOM is getting at least one picture before they all leave again.

You can judge for yourself . . . well-rounded or weird, and keep reading or jump ship and move on to someone else's blog.  Up to you!  This is me  . . . my blog and my rules!  LOL!

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  1. Thanks for following Carole's Chatter. I am signing up to follow you too.

  2. I love visiting here! And how in the world can you possibly have grandchildren (much less greats) when you're only 29?


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