Sunday, July 8, 2012

wedding is 20 days away

Yes, that's right people.  Twenty days from today. . . Skittles and Kisses will be getting married.  Lots of things have to happen between now and then.

Like today is a wedding shower in Texarkana.  Today is also Little Bit's birthday party she is turning ONE YEAR OLD!  Can you believe she is already ONE!  Crazy.  So Santa is attending the birthday party and I am attending the shower.  This is one of those times I wish I could be cloned and I could be at both celebrations!  

Skittles house is coming along, they now have water and we are waiting for the electric company to come and turn on the power.  

After the wedding Santa and I are headed to Sturgis to the motorcycle rally.  That will be our vacation after all the wedding-ness is over.  

Actually, we have the easy job over here on the groom's side.  But we are concentrating our time and energy on making sure the house gets ready and also making sure that we get everything here ready for all the guests we have coming to stay with us for the wedding.

Instead of having a huge July Fourth blowout . . . most of our families opted to come for the wedding.  So excited to see everyone we haven't seen in such a long time.  Sad the some people are not able to come, but happy that Skittles and Kisses will have lots of folks to celebrate with them.

Lots of things are changing around here.  Not only in our family, but at work and in our community.  They are changing the road in front of our office, I am starting a new Bible study in a couple of weeks, and 

Skittles and Kisses are getting married!  

Agh!!! I gotta go!  I have stuff to do!  Yikes!!  Only 19 more days after today!

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