Sunday, July 22, 2012


idk = i don't know

I really don't know.  

I nee no.

When someone in our little family doesn't know anything . . . seriously, does NOT know, we say, "I nee no".  This was what Reese's used to say when she was first learning to talk.  She would shrug her shoulders and put her hands up (the international sign for I don't know) and say, "I nee no."

Now it has become a part of our language.  When you really have no clue, like a 2-year old . . . well, you know. . . you say . . . "I nee no".

That is how I feel right now after reading on and on about the victims of the Colorado Dark Knight Rises shooting.  

When we first found out about it we were at work, and Reese's was at home.  So when we came home and we were telling her about it, she had lots of questions.  The one that stood out to me was, "What would you do Mom, if you were in that theater?"

Well, I nee no!  I seriously do not know what I would have done.  Until you have been in that situation YOU really don't know what you would do either.  And second guessing or judging the actions of someone who was there . . . people  . . . please!  

At first we said that we would not feel right going to the movies EVER again.  Reese's said, "Yeah, it would make you definitely watch movies at home."

Then after a little while I said, "Dad would make us go back to the movies."  

She agreed.  Because that's how Santa is . . . he is anti-fear!  If you are afraid of it . . . face it and then you won't have to be afraid anymore.  Just so we could be clear, we asked him if he would make us go back to the movies if we had been in that theater.  He said, "Yup!"  

I nee no.

I mean, for real, I don't know what snaps inside a person that makes them think shooting a whole bunch of people will be a great idea.  Assuming that something does have to snap in order to think that way.  But since I have never thought about that, I can't really say if "snapping" is what has to happen.  Maybe this person was hurting so badly that he thought hurting other people was the only way to stop feeling so bad.

July 4th in our community a couple of boys made a sparkler bomb and one of the boys was killed.  It is so weird to think that one minute you are goofing around and the next minute all chaos breaks loose and you are taking bleeding people to the hospital.  

The mother of this young man, recently posted a picture of her foot with a tattoo of her son's name.  I am not a tattoo person (at all), but neither was this lady before this happened.  

Things that you would normally NEVER think about doing can change in a split second.  Just like this lady thought she would NEVER get a tattoo.  

If she were to look into a crystal ball, she might not recognize herself in the future . . . because you can't see the steps that brought you to that place.

Every one of us is on a path.  None of us knows for sure what will happen tomorrow.  Oh, sure we plan what we will do and we map out the places we will go. . . . but none of the people in Theater 9 planned to go to the hospital after seeing The Dark Knight Rises.

Read this blog post by someone who WAS there.

Since everything here today might well be gone tomorrow, do you see how essential it is to live a holy life?   2 Peter 3:11 (MSG)

If you don't already know Jesus and how you can have a life "like Christmas every day", send me an email or message me on facebook.  I will be happy to tell you how I found out about Jesus.

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  1. Yep, it's just unfathomable. Good post

  2. Great post! The verse at the end was just right. We've had the same discussion the past few days... it's unimaginable.

  3. Words fail me on this tragedy. I was thinking about the millions of people in the world and perhaps we should expect more of them to snap with so many people and so many problems, but we don't. We go to movies, work and travel, trusting others to "stay in their lanes," give a minimum of respect, and stay sane. It does make today's gifts more precious and remind us who to trust.

  4. Tragedy and sadness...and all you can do is fall back into the love of Jesus. I live in Blacksburg Va...the home of Virginia Tech. As a community we have turned away from the violence that occurred here in 2007. Planting love where hate has happened is not always easy...When your mind is numb it is hard to remember love. That is why we pray for each other...the spirit of prayer from others gives us strength to un numb....and still love. Blessings.

    ps i do not see a place to comment on all your posts- but I wanted to let yoy know my son and daughter in law will be up in Sturgis. He is the event coordinator for Gibson Guitar. So if you happen to see their booth say hi for me!!! They are also musicians and will be signing up there but I am not sure where.


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