Monday, July 23, 2012

Guest Judges - Springhill, Louisiana City Hall

We are so glad to be able to introduce you to our guest judges this week.  All the wonderful ladies that work at Springhill, Louisiana's City Hall office have graciously agreed to be our guest judges this week.  My good friend Hollywood is the first one starting on the left.  I just love her!!

These ladies work very hard to keep Springhill, Louisiana running smoothly and we believe they deserve a standing ovation!

*wild applause

Wow!  You readers are all so wonderful . . . sit down, sit down!

They are busy right now voting on your wonderful black and white photograph submissions from last week.  Tune in tomorrow to find out the results!  

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  1. I'm thrilled to meet the judges. I was cheering...did you hear me???

  2. Rosemary!! I knew you were cheering I heard you over everyone else! LOL!


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