Wednesday, July 18, 2012

black and white Wednesdays - Little Bit is ONE!

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I know I can hardly believe it myself.  Even though I missed the first birthday party, they had some cupcakes on her actual birthday and Santa and I were able to be there and get some really cute pictures.

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  1. Oh, how adorable! I clearly remember my daughter's first birthday. Time goes so quickly! Wonderful photos!

  2. I love that those who could let Babe enjoy her cupcake with wild abandon. There aren't many times in life we can do that :) Your capture is perfect, as always.

  3. Hi, Ive just signed up for B&W Wednesdays. And im following your blog....Hope you have a lovely day
    July Giveaway @ ValleysShutterBug

  4. A very happy first birthday!!!

  5. My link isn't showing up, should I try again?


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