Sunday, June 24, 2012

I was thinking about getting a tattoo . . .

What kind of tattoo would be appropriate for Mrs. Claus?  

A snowflake?  A cookie?  A holly sprig with a red mitten?  How about a black boot with a fur top?  

Actually, the topic of tattoos has been discussed quite often between Santa and I.  He is adamantly against tattoos.  

Some people say they want to be original.  Some people say they are just expressing themselves.

I love to hear the stories of why a person got a certain tattoo.  It's so popular these days to get a tattoo that in order to truly be an "original" you can't get a tattoo. 

Other people say they didn't know what they were thinking and wish the had never done it.  Some people get tattoos to mark a certain event in their lives, like when a loved one died or when they became a Christian.  They just felt so strongly about  something they just had to but it on their body.  Some people say that once you get a tattoo you become addicted to getting them. 

I saw an ad on facebook where you could get 3 sessions of laser tattoo removal for only $149.00 in chicagoland.  LOL!  That makes me want to run right out and get one.  How about you?  I heard that the pain of tattoo removal is ten times more painful than getting the tattoo in the first place.

I, personally, would not get a tattoo, for a lot of reasons, but the most important one to me is that Santa is adamantly against it.  But let's say Santa and I weren't together anymore for whatever reason . . . would I get one then.  Probably not.  I am not a big fan of pain.  I think a tattoo is a waste of money.  I would NEVER be able to decide which one to get and I know I would want to change it after I got it . . .and well you just can't do that.

What do you think about getting a tattoo?  If you have a tattoo . . . why did you get it? 

And the big question . . . do you regret it?

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  1. I think getting a tattoo is ok if it's for you. I mean if you can see and enjoy it. I've never understood why people get them on their back or bottom. I think if you are really getting it for something special you should be able to see it. That's my two cent worth. Love your Blog!

  2. I've gone through stages where I've thought I wanted to get one. But the truth is, I can't even live in my house without rearranging my furniture every few months, so I don't think I could get one without wanting a new one every so often! Two of my kids have them. Some of them are absolutely beautiful. But I'll never have one.

  3. All four of the lovelies have tattoos and I really like them. I wanted one---well, 5 actually. I wanted to get 5 starfish down my back- one for me and one for each of the lovelies. The husband is against them but that would never stop me. What stops me is the pain factor. No thank you! LOL


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