Thursday, May 24, 2012

real (homemade) camera gear

Since I started taking more pictures I have developed a painful callous on my middle finger, that goes from my middle knuckle to the side of my fingernail.  I have long fingers and everything I read on-line about Nikon's seemed to work against people with long fingers.  So here is my redneck engineered solution to this problem.

The "smile" is a leather quilting finger guard I picked up at Hancock Fabrics for $5.00.  I have to give Reese's credit for the artwork . . . perfect circles with no pattern . . . ugh, where did she get that talent? 

 I attached the finger guard to my camera strap so I won't "leave home without it" and  . . . 


This is what it looks like in action.  Now the weight of the camera rests on this leather finger guard instead of my finger.  I know I take TOO MANY pictures, right?

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  1. You know that there are artists on both sides of the family. You may not be able to draw a perfect circle but you can decorate you home with great taste. I love the pictures you take and I love you . Maybe you do take a mite too many pictures but that's o.k. because I love to see the pic. you take. Lymtlis.


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