Thursday, May 10, 2012


During the storm Monday night, Reese's wanted to play Sorry, because the DirecTV went out and we had to wait while it reset.  (And because she always wants to play board games.)

The way she got me to agree to play is by telling me I could take pictures.  . . does she know me or what?

I hadn't played Sorry in such a long time.  But I seriously thought that we had to roll dice to move our pieces around the board.  Maybe it was because we lost the cards to our game and we only had dice to play with. . . LOL!  

Reese's playing.  

Reese's new thing is to pull Mr. Frodo's medicine out of the treat canister. . .  and then give him a treat.  So here is Mr. Frodo getting his meds  . . . and a treat.  He has some popping in his joints.   He is getting older and climbing the steps to Reese's room every night is getting to him.

The big wedding day is coming and it won't be long before Reese's is the only kid left at home.  Even though Skittles and Kisses will be right next door.  It will all be different.  So exciting . . . and scary . . . and cool all at the same time.   

Be sure to tune in next week for more black and white Wednesday photo contest.  Maybe we will have some cool stuff for you from this busy, busy week!
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  1. I love your board game photos!
    I haven't played sorry for a long time too and totally forgot that you use cards to move!

  2. Beautiful frames, I love those beautiful compositions with the board game, amazing photos!


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