Friday, May 18, 2012

black and white Wednesday - WINNER!!

Congratulations!  Genie!  Our judges loved this photo.  I thought the color version was just as beautiful!  Great composition and "presentation" with the framing.  If you haven't been to Genie's blog you can click on the link above her entry and check out more great photos!!

2nd Place

3rd Place

There were some really great photographs this week!  I, personally, still am drawn to the abstract black and whites.  So there is your honorable mention Leovi.  Even though our judges didn't choose it, I still love it.

Tune in next week . . . I'm not sure what I will have, but I will be in Memphis this weekend. I am actually blogging on Santa's computer in the car crossing the White River on my way there as I type.  LOL!

Maybe a pyramid shot or something cool.  Who knows.  

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  1. Thank you so much for choosing my picture this week. I have been in a real funk lately about my photography so this was a real boost to the old morale. Again, thanks to all the judges. genie

  2. Genie's photo is really wonderful!


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