Friday, May 11, 2012

black and white Wednesday - WINNER!!

Congratulations to Emily!  Our judges chose this photo as their favorite of the week.  If you don't know Emily from "then along came the boys" click on the link above her photo and check out all the exciting . . . and sometimes exhausting things going on over in her corner of the blogosphere.  



There were a wide variety of votes this week . . . no unanimous winner.  So our judges had a really hard time deciding this week.  So many talented photographers out there.  Keep shooting and tell your friends.  Stop back by next week and I might have some wedding photos to share.  (Not Skittles and Kisses  . . . their's is July 28.)  But a wedding they are both in tomorrow.  Exciting stuff!  

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  1. oh thank you! i was just stopping over to get the code for tomorrow's b&w and didn't know i won 3rd :) how fun!


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