Tuesday, April 10, 2012


There are so many different things that I have seen when Santa and I are walking on our road.  It sometimes seems like I am some kind of “world traveler”.  But I promise these are all from the 2 mile round trip that is the road where I live. 

God is so amazing to me, that I can travel the same path and see so many different things!  He is awesome!


After all the recent storms and rain, we now have this lovely scene.  It looks like a Louisiana bayou, but I promise it is on my road.


Birds and cows . . . of course, but in the same shot .. . I love it!  Everything is blooming and turning green.


And check out this dude!  How cool is this buzzard with his head turned scoping out his territory?


Then this little guy was crossing the road and well, I almost stepped on him.  He is only a little over an inch long, but look how amazing his colors are!


Santa stops in the road to ask, “What do you see?”

Weeds . . . but with the tiniest little flowers on the ends.  I guess I just see things differently.  Hope you liked these! 


Don’t forget black and white Wednesdays tomorrow!  Tell your friends!

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  1. All of your photos are good, but the first one is my favorite... Good for you and Santa for taking time to see the wonders of creation.

  2. What wonderful scenes to behold where you live! Don't you love getting out there and observing nature- so beautiful!


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