Thursday, April 12, 2012


Here is what I have found.  If I do not have a way to be accountable for my food intake I cannot succeed on my diet plan.  I don’t know about you .. . . this is just the way I am.

It doesn’t matter if I am counting calories, carbs, fats or what . . . if I don’t put it in black and white I will over-eat and under-exercise every time.

Previously I have used Diet Pro, myfitnesspal, and even just writing it down.  They are all so much like work and not fun that I usually lose interest in them.  Even though they have fabulous tools for tracking my weight loss progress and nutritional information, it’s just boring.

Recently, I was invited by Christine Chu to try a new diet program and I admit I was skeptical at first.*


This is what mine looks like.  You can log food, exercise, find people to inspire you AND participate in some really cool challenges or create your own challenges.  You get points for logging food, for staying on track with challenges and you can compete with other users as you stay on your diet and lose weight. 

You just input the food you ate (or are going to eat) from their extensive database of foods.  If you don’t find the food you want, you can simply add it!  You can combine ingredients to make your own recipes. 

Track your exercise and watch your caloric intake adjust down for the calories burned! 

The challenges are probably the coolest for me.  I am participating in a challenge called “In Silence” and it encourages you to meditate or pray every day for at least 15 minutes. What a great way for me to stay on track with my quiet time.  Some challenges are sponsored and each time you “check in” you are entered to win a cool prize at the end of the challenge (week).

I just think it is a great product.  The inspiration feed is like your fb newsfeed (for lack of a better comparison) where you can post encouraging words or ask questions.  You can choose rewards for yourself for reaching new levels.  I just love the twist of getting points for staying on track.

I have only been using this for a little over a week, but so far I am pleased.  New things are being added all the time, so you should check out this new way to stay on track with your diet and/or fitness plan.  Just type in your browser and see for yourself.  Hey, and if you do start using it add me as your friend!!  (They also have a google+ page click here.)

*Disclosure of Material Connection:The product mentioned above is free. However I was not expected to review and mention this product on my blog. I am mentioning this product on my blog because it is something I am using and a product I enjoy using.


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  1. Oh gosh, I'm going to check this out. I always use but stopped again because it's a pain. It gets boring for me. And I have the attention span of a two year old. Thanks for posting about this!

  2. I have joined slim kicker too ! I love it. I need to lose a lot of weight and it really helps to be accountable and have others to give advice. I read something of yours on the introductions and. Heckled out your blog. I'm HaCee on slim kicker . Together we can lose it :)


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