Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Kentucky Wildcats 2012 National Champs

Some of you may not know that Mrs. Claus is originally from Kentucky. (Or you may know . . . I don't know.)  Where I am from our state is divided into blue and red.  Not for republican and democrat but for UK or Louisville fans.  

Where (and when) I grew up you weren't for a "Kentucky Team" you were for one or the other.  This red or blue line divided citizens, business people and families for the entire time I was a teenager.  There are still some of us who believe you cannot cheer for both.  LOL!

So how fitting that Louisville and UK met in the Final Four of the NCAA championship for 2012.  AND how amazing that of these two Kentucky teams the University of Kentucky Wildcats would be the 2012 Champions!  

Kentucky Wildcats forward Anthony Davis celebrates with teammates Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and Eloy Vargas after the Wildcats defeated the Kansas Jayhawks in the men's NCAA Final Four championship college basketball game in New Orleans

I don't watch Kentucky play basketball.  I watch the score on my phone or listen on the radio, but normally I just keep my fingers crossed and wait for the final score.  Some people would say, that's NOT a fan.  

Listen, people, I am a fan!  I am living in enemy territory down here among the tigers (LSU) and wild hogs (AR), oh and the longhorns (TX).  I wear my Kentucky blue shirts and hats and have a license plate on the front of my car that says "House Divided - Razorbacks/Wildcats (it was the only one Santa would agree on) . . . so yeah I am a FAN!!  

But they make me too nervous!

Seriously, last night was the first game I watched all the way through.  THE FIRST GAME of the season!!  

I might have chewed off my fingers instead of just the fingernails if I hadn't been doing laundry so I had a reason to get up and take a break from the game.  It seriously makes me THAT nervous to watch.  

The entire time I could hear my Mom's voice in my head and all the little things she would yell at the television when we were growing up.  

I don't know if she was yelling last night, but she was in my memory.  If UK was playing basketball  . . . there was NO talking to my mother.  She could not focus on you AND the wildcats!  She was so fanatical a few seasons I remember her having a notebook where she recorded stats for all the players and woe to you if she couldn't find that notebook before the opening tip off.  LOL!   Even today, on her facebook page she only lists the University of Kentucky Wildcats as her ONLY favorite team!

I called her after the game and you could tell she was so happy that they won!  I am really happy they won too.  Santa . . .not so much  . . . he picked Kansas to win the championship.  Boo.  That means I won the brackets for the group Santa set up.  Bragging rights is the only prize . . . but I'll take it!

Congratulations to University of Kentucky Wildcats!  C.A.T.S.  Cats! Cats! CATS!!!!!  

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  1. Hey your from KY! I'm in Louisville :o)

    thanks for the invite to your b&w wednesday - hope to be able to jump in soon :o)


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