Tuesday, April 3, 2012

i heart faces - happiness challenge

Photo Challenge Submission

This is my good friend "Hollywood" who I have shared photos of before but not for a challenge.  She is, by far, one of my biggest fans and I love her to death.  In this shot we are goofing around in a shop at one of the motorcycle rallies and trying on hats . . . and, well. . . . just being silly . . . and happy!

It's not a posed shot.  

She just tried on the hat and I said, "Cute." and she said, "You think?" and I said let me take a picture.  You know just those random happy accidents.

It's not a studio shot.

You can see the guys in the background looking at other hats.

But I love it.

Hope you do too!

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  1. I really love the tonal quality of this picture and the fact that it was not a posed one. That face is beautiful and the hat add a fab touch to your capture. Thanks for getting me started participating in our Wednesday meme, and now I can thank you for leading me to this one. Geeze...it is a huge one. Know I will learn lots. genie

  2. She is a beautiful girl, & this is a beautiful photo!! Lovely capture!!

  3. Love the lighting! So beautiful!

  4. Wow! Thanks you guys! I can't believe this shot was featured on i heart faces GOOGLE + page! Love that!!

  5. If other creatures did a documentary on humans, there would (no doubt) be a segmant on the odd behavior of trying on funny hats. We just can't resist it!

  6. Seriously amazing smile!! BEAUTIFUL!


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