Saturday, April 28, 2012

black and white Wednesday - WINNER!

Congratulations, Rochelle from A Family of Looneys!  Your photo was chosen as the winner of this week's photo challenge.  I have been wanting to do a spider web picture, but LUCKILY have not found a spider in a web.  Whew!  Great job!!


This was actually a three way tie for 2nd place!  How cool is that?  

Sorry it took so long to post the winner, I was a little busy.  If you "LIKE" my facebook fan page, you will see why I was so busy and a sneak peek from tonight's business.

Thanks to all of you for joining in the fun and I hope to "see" you all next week.  I love seeing all your black and white shots.  I hope it challenges you to get out  there and shoot in black and white or convert your existing shots to black and white.  


tell your friends!

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