Wednesday, April 11, 2012

black and white Wednesday - the BEFORE

There is a time which is NOW  . . .  and it is the “before”.

The time BEFORE Skittles and Kisses get married that I want to remember.  The time BEFORE Reese’s and her BF graduate college.  The sweet “now” time that is fleeting. 

Have you ever wanted to just freeze time? 

I have. 

Just stop moving forward and rest in the “now”. 

I feel things speeding up on our way to the wedding.  It’s hard to stop that speeding train.  I wouldn’t really want to stop time, because I am excited to see what exciting new things are coming up for all of them, but just to pause for a second to capture this time . . .



It is the spring BEFORE Skittles gets married.  Spring break is over, every one is counting down to the end of school.  And as Santa and I get our 2 mile walk in on Monday evenings, this is the scene. 


We are passed on our road by Reese’s BF, on his way to spend the evening with her.


Followed by Skittles and Kisses coming to hang out too.  Monday has become the new “family” night.  Where everyone comes and eats dinner with us.  I really think it is the only night of the week when we are all together.  (You can see Reese’s BF walking past the pool in the background.)

I love sitting around our table, and talking to all of them.  Reese’s ALWAYS wants to hear the stories from when they were little.  It doesn’t matter how many times she has heard them.  She will listen and listen for hours.  It’s fun to have new people to share these stories with too.  But we just eat and sit and talk  and laugh . . .

we are hopeful for the future

we are excited to see what God has planned

and well, maybe it’s really all about the free food, LOL!

. . . but THIS is the “now” that I live in . . . that I want to remember. 

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  1. What great photos and I have to say I agree with you 100%! There are definitely times I want to hit the pause button for just a little while, for oh so many reasons! Thank you for sharing! :)

  2. sounds like some great memories being made on monday nights and yes, i always want to freeze time! nice black and whites :)

  3. Time flies so fast and i do wish too sometimes to stop the clock and just freeze and hopefully correct wrong in the past. But we cant. We'll just hope for the beautiful things that's ahead of us.

    Anyway, it is nice to gather the family together and sit, talk and laugh...there is the feeling of contentment.

  4. So nice that the weather allows two mile walks. Nice shots!

  5. what beautiful captures!! loving the black and whites!!

  6. Wishing to freeze time all the time. I want to be that house - that people come to. Maybe just to eat - but to sit and stay to talk. How wonderful for you.

  7. Wonderful photos, I love all three, with delicious and exquisite light shades.

  8. So many wonderful entries today! Fun.


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