Thursday, March 8, 2012


You can help in a lot of ways with the tornado relief efforts, I know.  But here are two really great ways that I personally know about.
This organization I know for a fact helps disaster victims by providing bottled drinking water during the clean up and then goes back and visits these areas again with more water and to check on the people affected by disaster.

You can check them out on facebook or the web.

Jacob has lived in our area, been to our church and spoke to our youth during our annual Mud Bowl event.  I know Jacob, and recommend this organization.  It is not a scam and I know that Jacob and his organization are doing all of this for the glory of God.

This one is easy, especially if you are home bound or you live far away from KY and IN.  Click on the donate button on his website.  Just $10.00 buys 2 cases of bottled water for these victims.  

The second thing you can do is pray.  Pray for this ministry and pray for the people affected by these natural disasters.  

The Bible tells us that what Satan intends for evil, the Lord turns around for good.  I believe that and I hope you do too.  You can't control the events that affect your life, you can only control the way you react to them.

Another relief effort I am involved in is the Tornado Relief Auction.  I do not personally know these people.  But I have donated two crocheted items to their efforts.  They are having an auction on-line to raise money for these victims.  You can bid on hand-made items until Saturday March 10, 2012 at 9:00 p.m. EASTERN TIME!  

This auction is to benefit the town of Salyersville, KY.  This small town has a population of only 1,883.  The person sponsoring the auction lists her hometown as Hopkinsville, KY.  I never lived in Salyersville, but did live in Hopkinsville for a short time when Tootsie Pop was born.

Visit the auction on facebook.

Here are the two items I donated.  Bid on them if you like them, or bid on something else.  Or just donate if you don't like any of the items.

All you have to do is bid on the items and pay for them by the deadline to win the item. There are over 100 items to bid on in this auction album.  
Questions?  Contact:

Thanks to all of you.  I know times are tough for everyone, but what if your house 

was blown away?  Please help if you can and pray if you can't help.  AND if you

don't pray . . . God misses you!


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