Friday, March 9, 2012

to pin or not to pin

There is a lot of controversy about pinterest's terms of use.  One phrase in particular struck me as something I, myself (not trying to project my opinion on anyone else), do not agree with. 

The pins I pin (my own copyrighted material) becomes the sole property of pinterest.  I am not cool with that.  If they wanted to, pinterest, could republish any of my copyrighted photographs for their own advertising purposes and there isn't anything I could do about it.  If pinterest decided to change their company to an advertising company tomorrow they could use all the pinned images free of charge, because YOU agreed to the terms of use.

The other thing I am not cool with is the pinning of other artists' copyrighted material.  Which the terms of use states that EVERYTHING you pin you agree you either OWN or have permission to pin.  

Nope!  I don't have permission to pin the almost 1,000 pins I had on my boards.  

Pinterest is not going to help you if someone's copyrighted material is pinned on your board and that person takes you to court.  YOU are on your own.

Check it out for yourself and decide for yourself.  Please don't take my word for it.

I am not a lawyer. . . and yeah, maybe I am over-reacting.  AND it was really jamming up my life anyway.  Hours and hours wasted, gone ... never getting them back.  So it was definitely a personal choice I had to make.

I apologize if I enabled any of you to become addicted to it, just to jump ship and leave you high and dry.  You can choose to pin or not to pin . . .it's up to you.

But I deleted my account.


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  1. A lot of the bloggers I read started talking about pinterest last year, but I didn't check into it until literally this week. I was frustrated because you have to be on FB or Twitter to open an account. I'm on neither. I finally opened a Twitter account, which I'm not going to use so I could open a Pinterest account. Once there, I was bothered by the fact that they signed me up to follow all the people I don't even know! The two or three people that I DO know, I couldn't find. I think I'm going to just delete my account and forget about it. I've read several articles that talk about how addictive it is. Believe me, I don't need any thing else to be addicted to - the blogs are enough!! Thanks for sharing this info...


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